Honored to have a photo curated to the VSCO Grid


We’re big fans of the Visual Supply Co, better known as VSCO.  It’s a software for film emulation and it’s an app but perhaps most importantly it’s a community.  I check out their VSCO Grid on nearly a daily basis for inspiration.  So suffice it to say I was a bit excited this morning to receive an email from VSCO informing me that my photo of Team USA member Brent Metcalf’s victory at the 2015 Freestyle World Cup was selected for their curated Grid.  (Actually, eh hem… this was my 3rd photo to be selected.)

If you haven’t had a chance to try out some of their tools and features, I highly recommend you do. Their Journal publishing tool, officially launched about six months ago, is a wonderful platform that enables people to tell their stories with word and image cleanly and elegantly.  Feel free to peruse my latest Journal post about the recent Freestyle World Cup here.

Here’s one of my all time favorite photos that I captured using the VSCO Cam app.  Happy Friday.


From the Forum for the Freestyle World Cup

2015 World Cup Freestyle-34

Jordan Burroughs completes a 10-0 technical fall over Morteza Rezaei Ghaleh or Iran.

Gritty. Palpable. Fervor.  These are the themes that came to mind as I stood mat side at The Forum in Inglewood to watch the finals of the Freestyle World Cup of Wrestling.  The US Team had made its way into the finals after a variety of victories over Cuba, Russia and Mongolia.  On paper much of wrestling’s odds makers had slated the red-white-and-blue for a bronze medal finish.  Yet, through a gritty performance Team USA, comprised of 3-of-8 starters wrestling in their first World Cup, managed to get within a single individual win of claiming the first World Cup title in what would have been 12 years.  Unfortunately, for us Americans and the US men, we came up short.  For wrestling fans worldwide, as witness to the spectacle of sport, it felt like a win.

The atmosphere in the arena was palpable.  The air laced with horns brought by the Iranian fans was loud and piercing.  My ears still rang the day after.

Wrestling has an inherent push-pull movement, but the oscillation of energy in the building came from the crowd as it swayed back-and-forth from pro Team Iran to pro Team USA, only shifting to neutral during the live broadcast’s ‘TV-timeout’ between matches.

I can only imagine what spectacle may be in store for the World Championships come September in Las Vegas.

Thank you Team USA, thank you Team Iran, and thank you to the other six countries who traveled far for the 2015 World Cup.

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For complete results visit United World Wrestling.

2015 World Cup Freestyle-13

Tervel Dlagnev

2015 World Cup Freestyle-15

Coleman Scott

2015 World Cup Freestyle-16

Brent Metcalf defends a takedown with great athleticism.

2015 World Cup Freestyle-17

Brent Metcalf successfully defends and scores a takedown.

2015 World Cup Freestyle-18

A swollen eye as a result of attempting to defend a Jordan Burroughs takedown.

2015 World Cup Freestyle-11

Jordan Burroughs completes a takedown.

2015 World Cup Freestyle-12

Jordan Burroughs earns his 100th career victory in international competition.

2015 World Cup Freestyle-32

Hassan Yazdani Charati of Iran defeats Nick Marable of the US, 3-1.

2015 World Cup Freestyle-39

Komeil Ghasemi celebrates a victory over Zach Rey of the US, and the team championship for Iran.


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