Alexandra and Will are our two dear friends who like us made the cross country move from East to West in 2010. Kat, the ‘Ka’ in Kabri, shares cultural roots via Colombia with the endearing couple and a hometown just outside of NYC. Trading in our scarves and wool socks for the full catalog of Havaianas, the four of us have scavenged Los Angeles for all things new. Many laughs and many freeway miles behind us we’ve enjoyed Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Vegas and even a Spartan Race to name a few.

It’s a beautiful thing to see two people grow together, as a couple, as friends, to find their stride professionally and personally, each elevating the other along the journey. As they are a special part of our lives we felt honored to capture their engagement through photos.


DWL_Will&Alex 2

DWL_Will&Alex 3

DWL_Will&Alex 1

DWL_Will&Alex 4

DWL_Will&Alex 5


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