The Wall Street Journal’s article about marathoner Hernan Barreneche

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal published an article on my wife’s uncle and godfather Hernan Barreneche, 1968 and 1972 Olympian who will compete this Sunday in the great New York City Marathon.

Accompanying the article were two of my photos of Hernan, included in this post.

Check out the WSJ article by Matthew Futterman HERE.

The photo below was one that I captured just as Hernan headed to the starting line at the 2011 World Masters Athletic Championships.  I vividly recall the moment of quiet intensity.  It was an uncharacteristically brisk morning in July just off the banks of Sacramento’s American River.  Hernan was fighting a cold which heightened his nerves.  Even with this presumable hindrance, his training and mental toughness prevailed as he we went on to win his fourth consecutive World Championships in a time of 3 hrs 17 min 17 seconds.

To learn more about Hernan and his storied running career check out his official site, built by my wife Kat: My Life the Runner.

If you’re in NYC on Sunday, be sure to score a nice spot along the race route, the NYC Marathon is one of sports greatest spectacles.

Go Hernan!!!

Brian Guerrero - kabriDWL

Hernan at the World Masters Athletics Championships in Sacramento, Calif., in 2011.

Interior Photo for October’s Mix Magazine

My interior shot of the award winning Hybrid Studios project by my wife’s firm Delta H Design (DHDI) was included as an ad’ in October’s issue of Mix Magazine.

Photo herein displays the Orange County studio’s live room for music recordings.

To learn more about the revolutionary ZR Products line and what innovative solutions DHDI brought to Hybrid Studios visit here.


The original Photo below.

Hybrid Studios - DHDI Sample Rate panels - photo by Brian Guerrero - kabriDWL

Short Film ‘Move Your Feet’ wraps on production

Filming Day 1 Wrap with director Shawn Frederick, writer and producer Brian Guerrero and the cast of Beat the Streets LA wrestlers.

52 days after sitting down for the first pre-production meeting on the branded short for Beat the Streets Los Angeles (BTSLA) we wrapped filming yesterday.

The project Move Your Feet is a short about an adolescent girl, played by Beat the Streets LA youth wrestler Mercedes Rodriguez, whose life is transcended by the sport of wrestling.

As Creative Director for BTSLA, I had the honor of writing the screenplay for our non-profit org and produce the short.  The story is inspired by BTSLA’s mission to cultivate youth development in Los Angeles communities through quality wrestling programs.

The production was led by veteran director Shawn Frederick and his fantastic crew who consisted of Richard Wright (Director of Photography, Tyler Swain (Camera Operator), Dave Nagel (Camera Operator), Sean Lampon (Sound Recordist), Cal Bingham (Digitech/Script Supervisor), and Cole Bingham (PA/Grip).

The eight week whirlwind experience was for me both rewarding as much as it was a learning experience.  To witness so many creatives and communities come together for one purpose was inspiring.

Stay tuned for more details including advertisements and a release date which is slated for sometime around the holidays.


Interior Photo for Mix Magazine

Kat’s interior shot of the Glaus Haus Studio project by her firm Delta H Design (DHDI) was included in September’s issue of Mix Magazine.

Photo herein displays the mid century home’s living room which doubles as a Live Room for music recordings.

To learn more about the revolutionary ZR Products line and what innovative solutions DHDI brought to the Glaus Haus visit here.


Kat’s original Photo below.

Photo by Katalina Arboleda-Guerrero



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