Culver City, I Love You

Dream Here

Once home to MGM Studios, Hughes Aircraft Company, and now houses Sony Pictures, NPR and the NFL Network, Culver City has creativity in it’s veins.

It’s also a place my wife, daughter, and I call home.

Recently, our apartment building’s property group threw down a new competition for it’s residents all across the US (400+ properties in 13 states).  Call to action was a photography style contest with the theme “Why I Love My Neighborhood”.

Kat and I jumped at the chance to enter the contest and began to draw up a game plan.

Rather than photograph the obvious local legendary places like the Culver Hotel (once owned by John Wayne), Helms Bakery, or even down the road to capture a ubiquitous beach shot, we searched for the pavement less seen.  Call it different, call it a gluttony for making things harder on ourselves, we searched for the in-between.  The Japenese call it, “ma”.  And in the process we stumbled across some real gems.

A graffitti wall in a neglected parking lot off Washington Blvd.  A concrete office building tucked in the back streets of the Arts District.  The lonely deck of a Light Rail Station for LA’s Expo Line (yep, that’s right LA’s got trains and subways!).

What we got from it, six photos that we’re proud of and capture our take on family portraits.

Bonus:  We won the competition!  Juror Award with Prize Money.  Yeahhh!  Official Announcement

The Blue Graffiti wall above was the winning shot.  Our other five photos are below.  A big thanks to our family and friends who showed their support by voting.  Abrazos

Love Art

Commute Home

Walk There

Climb Up

Escape Near

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3 thoughts on “Culver City, I Love You

  1. Hi Brian,

    Congrats on the win and great photos you have there! Really enjoy the colors, type + copy. Where are the locations of photo 1 (blue wall), 4 (cacti), and 6 (succulent garden)?


    • Thanks Linda!
      Blue wall is in Culver City parking lot off Washington and Landmark Street.
      Cacti is in the Culver City Arts district, in front of an office building at Warner and Eastham Drive.
      Succulent garden is at “Central Park” in Playa Vista.

  2. Sadly I was just there today to scout the blue mural and the whole area is fenced off and it looks like the walls with murals have all been demolished :(

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