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We make things.
Photos, films, graphics and during daytime TV hours... buildings.
Yep. E.g. museums, skyscrapers, recording studios, houses big and small, those types of buildings.
Though at the end of the day, we still like making things.
We make things to tell stories.
We love telling stories for people, brands and causes.
Have a story you'd like to tell?

Featured Film

Enjoy our latest film presented for Beat the Streets Los Angeles.

Move Your Feet

An adolescent girl who through her mother’s guidance and the sport of wrestling overcomes her largest challenge, her past.

Our Work

A collection of some of our favorite projects.

Luana VS

Luana VS

A collection of photos for Luana VS on location in Los Angeles.

Photo by Brian Guerrero

Photo by Brian Guerrero

Photo by Brian Guerrero

Photo by Brian Guerrero

Photo by Brian Guerrero


Photo by Brian Guerrero

Photo by Brian Guerrero

Photo by Brian Guerrero

Photo by Brian Guerrero

Hybrid Studios

Hybrid Studios

Hybrid Studios is a commercial recording studio featuring a State-Of-The-Art analog & digital recording studio.  It also boasts a massive sound stage, including a pre-lit cyclorama. The studio provides a variety of products and services to clients across the creative spectrum. From video and photography to mixing and mastering.

The studio’s design is described by designer Jonathan Lopez as

A choreographed experience achieved through manipulation of the vertical surfaces. Sculpted MDF fins create the sensation of sound waves rhythmically moving as people pass by.

Learn more about Hybrid Studios by visiting their website here.

The Studio’s Live Room with a hybrid of ZR Products “strategically placed for maximum  acoustic clarity and aesthetic value” according to the acoustics specialist Delta H Design.

To learn more about the revolutionary ZR Products line by Delta H Design (DHDI) visit here.

kabriDWL provided architectural photography services to the design team which were used in a successful submission, earning the AIA Orange County Chapter Commercial Interiors Citation for 2014.

Hybrid Studios - DHDI Sample Rate panels - photo by Brian Guerrero - kabriDWL

Brian Guerrero - kabriDWL

Brian Guerrero - kabriDWL

Brian Guerrero - kabriDWL

Brian Guerrero - kabriDWL

Brian Guerrero - kabriDWL

Short Film: Move Your Feet

An adolescent girl who through her mother’s guidance and the sport of wrestling overcomes her largest challenge, her past.

The fictional story, presented by Beat the Streets Los Angeles (BTSLA) is inspired by the real world themes that challenge today’s youth and stars BTSLA wrestlers Mercedes Rodriguez, Gianna Anaya and San Pedro Coach Roman Hernandez.

Directed by Shawn Frederick
Written and produced by Brian Guerrero

Voice Over by Kate Scott
Original Poem by Brian Guerrero

Music licensed from the Music Bed
“Nostalgia” by A. Taylor
“Vision” by Steven Gutheinz

Learn more about Beat the Streets Los Angeles here.

2015 World Cup Freestyle

The 2015 United World Wrestling Freestyle World Cup was held at The Forum in Los Angeles on April 11th and 12th.  After four highly competitive rounds, the United States Men’s Team finished 2nd to Iran.  Led by 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, 2x World Champion Jordan Burroughs and 3x World Team Member Brent Metcalf, both of whom won individual World Cup Gold, Team USA recorded victories over Cuba, Russia and Mongolia en route to the finals against Iran.  Azerbaijan finished 3rd.

This outstanding showcase for the sport gave wrestling fans the perfect precursor with the World Championships around the corner in September.  For complete results visit United World Wrestling.




2015 World Cup Freestyle-2

2015 World Cup Freestyle-3

2015 World Cup Freestyle-6

2015 World Cup Freestyle-7

2015 World Cup Freestyle-9

2015 World Cup Freestyle-10

2015 World Cup Freestyle-11

2015 World Cup Freestyle-13

2015 World Cup Freestyle-14

2015 World Cup Freestyle-15

2015 World Cup Freestyle-16

2015 World Cup Freestyle-17

2015 World Cup Freestyle-18

2015 World Cup Freestyle-19

2015 World Cup Freestyle-20

2015 World Cup Freestyle-21

2015 World Cup Freestyle-22

2015 World Cup Freestyle-24

2015 World Cup Freestyle-25

2015 World Cup Freestyle-26

2015 World Cup Freestyle-27

2015 World Cup Freestyle-28

2015 World Cup Freestyle-29

2015 World Cup Freestyle-30

2015 World Cup Freestyle-31

2015 World Cup Freestyle-32

2015 World Cup Freestyle-33

2015 World Cup Freestyle-34

2015 World Cup Freestyle-35

2015 World Cup Freestyle-36

2015 World Cup Freestyle-37

2015 World Cup Freestyle-38

2015 World Cup Freestyle-39


Attollo Lift

Attollo Lift

  • Client Type: Industrial Product
  • Services: Branding, Logo Design, Collateral, E-Commerce Web Design, Photography, Video
  • Website: AttolloLift.com

The Attollo Lift is an industrial tool that lifts gas cylinders safely and efficiently.

Inspired by the solutional movement of the device we built a complete brand around the Attollo Lift, beginning with the name. Attollo’s latin meaning is ‘to raise, lift’. What unfolded from the identity development was an array of marketing material including brochures, business cards, and tradeshow collateral.

Product photography and a custom script was developed as part of full production services for the web commercial.

AttolloLift.com was built to not only showcase the product but as a direct to source e-commerce site. Equipped with a shopping cart the site also includes an instructional video we produced.


Attollo_Web Mockup_Product

Attollo_Web Mockup_Why

Brochure_Attollo Lift_1

Brochure_Attollo Lift_2

Rollup Banner_Attollo Lift



Bright Star Schools

Bright Star Schools

  • Client Type: Public Charter School Operator
  • Services: Video, Collateral Design

Bright Star Schools, a Los Angeles public charter school operator, launched a teacher and parent recruitment campaign in January of 2014. To support their outreach we produced two short films, ‘Why Teach at Bright Star?’ and ‘Why Enroll at Bright Star?’, as well as teacher marketing collateral that included a conference pop up display and a brochure design.

The short films’ production included pre-production planning with Bright Star’s executive team, filming interviews and b-roll on location at three different schools and post-production collaboration with the executive team for content selection to edit.



Brochure_Bright Star


Bright Star_Pop Up Display


Beat the Streets Los Angeles

  • Cause: Non Profit Youth Organization
  • Services: Print and Digital Graphic Design, Photography, Video
  • Website: BeatTheStreets-LA.org

Beat the Streets – Los Angeles cultivates youth development in underserved communities by encouraging a desire for excellence, respect, teamwork, leadership, integrity, and perseverance through the instruction of quality wrestling programs.

As a founding Board Member, Brian donates his time and skills serving as Creative Director for the organization. Since its inception Brian has supported the Staff and the mission by creating numerous campaigns for event promotion, fundraisers, infographics and some apparel design.

Fueled by a passion for the sport of wrestling and the non profit’s mission, Brian can often be found behind the camera capturing moments from Beat the Streets’ events.

30 Second Spot aired on NBC Universal Sports Channel Nationally during the Spring of 2014


Camp Scholarship Fundraiser for the Summer of 2014

4 Christ Mission

4 Christ Mission

  • Client Type: Non Profit Missions Organization
  • Services: Web Design, Graphics
  • Website: 4ChristMission.org

4 Christ Mission is an organization who brings Christian teachings to underserved communities throughout North and South America. In 2014, 4CM celebrated their 10 year anniversary, and with the organization growing rapidly a new website was needed.

kabriDWL built a responsive website incorporating an array of content rich media and copy that tells the story of 4CM’s journey. We provided an online registration portal for mission trips where volunteer missionaries may apply and 4CM’s administrators can cull and access the collected information. Additionally, there is a built in donation and payment portal which further streamlines 4CM’s mission and event planning.


Documentary: Stellar Kids

About this Project

In January of 2013 we received an email from one of the executive staff at Beat the Streets Los Angeles. The subject title of the message “new video idea” had me anxious. His message essentially relayed the emphatic appreciation of a partner organization who operated a charter school. I was touched by the administrator’s message sharing how the students’ moral was up and how the student athletes participating in the program now look out for one another. The intangibles are what makes us ‘lean in’.

Bright Star and the subject school Stella Middle Charter Academy gave us an incredible amount of access and encouragement. The process was rewarding. And the best part was we got to know three middle school students who participate in Beat the Streets LA and they gave us the privilege of telling their story.

We believe discipline doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Either it spills into other parts of life or you lose it.
Wes Fulkerson – Beat the Streets Los Angeles Middle School Coach

About Beat the Streets Los Angeles

Beat the Streets – LA cultivates youth development in underserved communities by encouraging a desire for excellence, respect, teamwork, leadership, integrity, and perseverance through the instruction of quality wrestling programs. Together with your support, BTS-LA strives to enhance young men and women’s lives in school, sports and the community.

United 4 Wrestling

  • Client Type: Sporting Event
  • Services: Print and Digital Advertisement Design, Event T-Shirt Design

United 4 Wrestling was an amateur wrestling event held in Los Angeles on May 19, 2013 as part of the international campaign to Keep Olympic Wrestling. Billed as an international wrestling showcase, the event featured the Russian, Canadian and United States National Wrestling Teams. The ad design features a licensed photo from the inspired moment of sportsmanship during the 2012 Summer Olympics where American Wrestler, Jordan Burroughs, the Gold Medalist embraced Iranian Sadegh Goudarzi of Iran, the Silver Medalist.








Turquoise Condominiums

Turquoise Condominiums

  • Client Type: Real Estate Developer
  • Services: Architectural Concept Design, Branding, Collateral, Photography

About This Project

Located in the Caribbean on the island of Nevis, Sister Island Properties is developing a twelve unit, amenity rich, beachfront parcel.

With years of experience in condo design, we provided the client with an architectural concept. Presented with a slender, long site, we optimized the building’s modest footprint with open plan living and privacy spaces to maximize natural daylight filling each residence. Employing additional sustainable strategies, skylight and clerestory glazing on the top floors collect northern light to further illuminate select residences naturally. Deep expansive balconies at each building’s east and west facades provide excellent shading. Large sliding glass doors at every balcony visually draw Nevis’ serene environment into each residence.

As part of a comprehensive suite of services we also designed the brochure which incorporated our commissioned photography of the Caribbean island.







Journey Athletics

Journey Athletics

Journey Athletics
Client Type: Athletic Apparel
Services: Branding, Logo Design, Business Card Design

Journey Athletics is a startup athletic apparel company. We developed a complete identity package including a custom modern typeface to fit the brand’s tone.

Alexandra & Will

Alexandra & Will

Alexandra and Will are our two dear friends who like us made the cross country move from East to West in 2010. Kat, the ‘Ka’ in Kabri, shares cultural roots via Colombia with the endearing couple and a hometown just outside of NYC. Trading in our scarves and wool socks for the full catalog of Havaianas, the four of us have scavenged Los Angeles for all things new. Many laughs and many freeway miles behind us we’ve enjoyed Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Vegas and even a Spartan Race to name a few.

It’s a beautiful thing to see two people grow together, as a couple, as friends, to find their stride professionally and personally, each elevating the other along the journey. As they are a special part of our lives we felt honored to capture their engagement through photos.


DWL_Will&Alex 2

DWL_Will&Alex 3

DWL_Will&Alex 1

DWL_Will&Alex 4

DWL_Will&Alex 5



Why I Love My Neighborhood

  • Project Type: Photography Competition
  • Date: July 2014

About This Project

Once home to MGM Studios, Hughes Aircraft Company, and now houses Sony Pictures, NPR and the NFL Network, Culver City has creativity in it’s veins.  It’s also a place we call home.

In the Summer of 2013, our apartment building’s property group threw down a new competition for its residents all across the US (400+ properties in 13 states). Call to action was a photography style contest with the theme “Why I Love My Neighborhood”. We jumped at the chance to enter the contest and began to draw up a game plan.

Rather than photograph the obvious local legendary places like the Culver Hotel (once owned by John Wayne), Helms Bakery, or even down the road to capture a ubiquitous beach shot, we searched for the pavement less seen. Call it different, call it a gluttony for making things harder on ourselves, we searched for the in-between. The Japanese call it, “ma”. And in the process we stumbled across some real gems.

A graffiti wall in a neglected parking lot off Washington Blvd. A concrete office building tucked in the back streets of the Arts District. The lonely deck of a Light Rail Station for LA’s Expo Line (yep, that’s right LA’s got trains and subways!).

What we got from it, six photos that we’re proud of and capture our take on family portraits.

Bonus: We won the competition! Juror Award with Prize Money. Woohoo!
A big thanks to our family and friends who showed their support by voting. Abrazos.



Our Service

We believe in offering a diverse array of talent and tools because every story told has it's own voice.


Design is at the foundation of everything we do.  Good design goes beyond form and functionality, it sets a tone and feel. We use design in the shape of a graphic or a website to forward a brand, an organization, a cause or even an individual’s message.  Design and a brand tell a story.  It’s more than a logo… but we do those too!


The ‘DWL’ in our moniker stands for ‘drawing with light’.  We approach photography as we approach ‘making’, and instead of a pencil or cursor in this case we use a camera.  As the late great Ansel Adams said “you don’t take a photograph, you make it.”  The spontaneity of shooting sport and the wonder of travel photography are but some of the subjects that draw us in.


If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video could be worth a million.  Our journey in the moving image started with a personal project, a documentary about a family tradition that spans five decades.  While we had limited resources and gear at the time, story was central to us. Today, with an evolving craft and more tools we’re making web commercials, promotional videos, short docs and story is still central.




We tell stories for people, brands and causes.